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Professional arboricultural care…


Reitz Tree Care specialises in providing professional arboricultural care of individual trees as well as general landscaping in its SustainaScapes division in the beautiful Garden Route region of South Africa. Plants used are indigenous and often endemic, rendering a clean, natural style of landscaping art.


sustainascapes-logosReitz Tree Care’s landscape division, SustainaScapes, approaches landscaping with a unique understanding of each garden it designs and installs. A variety of aspects are considered before we uncover the practical and artistic ideas that can transform a bare landscape or enhance an existing biome to suit the environment, be it urban or natural rehabilitation.

We work closely with the owner, architect and builder from pre-construction phase to final details, our aim being to design a sustainable combination of water use and the most suitable plant material for existing soil types.

Using professional hand drawn plans and sketches together with a PowerPoint presentation of visuals, we strive to help our clients feel secure and excited throughout the process of building their garden.

With a combination of Charles Reitz’s insightful understanding and knowledge of plants and their habits, together with Nicole’s artistic input and Michael’s technical know-how, Reitz Tree Care and Sustainascapes are at the forefront of landscaping in the Garden Route and South Africa.

Specialised Tree Surgery

specialised tree pruning

Reitz Tree Care makes a profound difference in tree management by providing a professional tree pruning service that is personally administered by Charles Reitz and his hand-picked and fully-trained staff.

Tree pruning is a specialised field and cannot be referred to with terms like “trimming” and “cutting back”. RTC approaches this professionally, from a sound landscaping and horticultural perspective, offering advice, planning and expert service to home-owners and developers.

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Technical Take-Downs and Felling


Reitz Tree Care’s team of highly trained staff are not only experienced in straight forward tree felling but also possess the technical know-how to deal with sensitive and large tree take – downs, minimising damage and enhancing forest sustainability.

Garden nursery

Reitz Tree Care Nursery

Under Charles Reitz’s direction, the nursery at Ouland Farm, opposite Plett Airport and adjacent to the Ouland Royale venue, has adopted a new and attractively rustic-artistic, open-plan greenhouse style, replacing the old nursery which was destroyed by the devastating fire of June 2017. The stock at the nursery, some under fine-spray irrigation, includes appropriate indigenous plants and trees and some interesting exotic plants as well as garden pots, compost and potting soil, among other garden products.

The nursery is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday noon. Or visits can be arranged by appointment with Charles Reitz.


Reitz Tree Care staff members are specialists in various aspects of the business and all able to give guidance and advice in various capacities. As noted above, Charles Reitz has the knowhow to advise clients, either at Ouland Farm, where many plant species are propagated and tended, or, most appropriately, on site where he can inspect the actual features and layout of the client’s property and how to make the best use of them.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance is carried out by a skilled team of RTC gardeners and irrigation experts who visit client properties on a rotational basis, making sure that the gardens are kept in a fresh and orderly state, including lawn and plant maintenance, tree maintenance and plant refuse removal.