In a recent talk hosted by Reitz Tree Care at Ouland Nursery in Plettenberg Bay, Charles Reitz enlightened visitors with his in-depth knowledge on landscaping and horticulture. Taking the group of gardeners and other interested visitors around the property to view a range of plants, Charles illustrated the talk with his insightful knowledge of indigenous plants and trees that are available at the nursery.

Focusing on using locally indigenous species, Charles explained how he propagates the plants in tunnels, and then grows them in conditions that vary in suitability for each unique species and advised the group how to mimic his approach to achieve interesting results.

Explaining the difference between gardening and landscaping Charles says: “Landscaping fulfils a creative process of rehabilitation whereas gardening can be seen as a short-term process of cultivation.”

Charles’ approach also focuses on creating niches – diverse micro-climatic zones – by using whatever natural materials found on site with local indigenous plants to fit. Gardens designed in this way are more attractive to insects, bird and animal life, he pointed out.